Fancy a warm last minute Road Cycle training holiday Sept 2nd to Sept 8th 2018?

Le Marche region in Italy is a perfect destination for cycling with lots of hills and breathtaking scenery to soak in and September is the perfect month to do this as it is not too hot but just nice and warm. What better opportunity to to build strength and stamina topped off with core strength activities and rehabilitation at the end of each day? Use the week to train, build on existing capabilities or simply ride to enjoy the scenery while accommodating in our luxurious Villa where we will pamper you each day with delicious, healthy food and wine! A masseuse will be available if you desire to wind down after your daily cycle or just relax by the pool under an olive tree. We offer a week of daily guided cycling lead by an exceptional Allan Hargreaves finished off with Cycling specific Pilates and structured rehabilitation exercises conducted by the talented Leonie Dykes. Through our knowledge and skill your cycling retreat on and off the road will be an unforgettable experience. All you need to do is book your flight and we will take it from there! You are guaranteed to have a fabulous holiday with plenty of fun, laughs, great experiences and meet new friends for life! Not to mention great food and wine! Please “contact us” for more details

cycling holiday in Le Marche cycling holiday in Le Marche cycling holiday in Le Marche
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